Specialist Flight Training, Aircraft Management & Private Charter

Your complete aircraft management requirements from training to maintenance

ATO Services

We have our own ATO which we use to put Classes and Types on when you just can't find them anywhere else. We can sort your Cessna 208 Seaplane to your Turbine Bonanza or PC12 with the training requirements that you need. Our in house Instructors and Examiners have a wealth of experience and knowledge so you get the best and most enjoyable experience. 

Complete Airworthiness Solutions

Our CAM department has experience in Aircraft ranging from the Global Express to Piper PA28's. We can also offer project management, registration, modification solutions and full reviews. So whether you have an Aircraft that needs an avionics upgrade, new engines or full interior refurbishment, we can help.

Aircraft Aquisition

Buying the right aircraft thats right for you can be massively complicated. Has it the right amount of seats, range, performance are just the start. You need independent prepurchase inspections, is the paperwork all in place and then it might not be on the right register or maintenance program that works for you. We can help you through the whole process and really help you save time and money.

Private Charter

We have a charter broker department that can tend to your every charter need. From internal UK charters to transatlantic jet charter we've got you covered. With our direct links to many charter companies around the UK, you can be sure to get a great price and service. 

Managment Solutions

As an aircraft owner theres more to worry about than just flying it! Its annoying but its true! Theres hangarage, maintenance, flight planning, handling to name a few and thats before you've even left the ground! Let us worry about some of that for you. We can taylor your needs to suit and can even save you money.


We understand that aircraft owners don't always buy them for the pleasure of flying! Crazy right?! Some actually need to get from A-B for personal or business use and might want might someone to worry about the flying part for them. No problem! We have a great network of great, reliable, commercially qualified and experienced pilots.

The Team

A family ran business! Tracie Powell is our airworthiness, husband Steve our Head of Training and son Dean is one of our Pilot/Instructors. 

Tracie has been working in Engineering for over 10 years now and is a licensed Engineer with a CAMO Deploma from Sofema.

Steve has been in flight training for well over 20 years and has recently joined Aeros Flight Training as their HoT. Steve has extensive experience in the Seaplane world, flight calibrations and a wide rage of Single Engine Turbines up to PC12's. 

Dean has been flying since 2010 and is enjoying a career fying as an Instructor but also commercially in King Airs & Learjets.